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Things to do in Bangkok

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The top 290 attractions in Bangkok

Palaces in Bangkok
Grand Palace of Bangkok
Must-see visit in the city of Bangkok. When you get there a lot of people will try to tell you that the door to the entrance is closed, but don't listen to them. They'll confuse you and their route will take you on a wild goose chase. To enter the palace complex of buildings you should wear long sleeves and be covered from the waist down. There is also the possibility of renting the proper clothing right there! The Royal Palace in Bangkok has been used as a royal seat from the eighteenth century to the mid twentieth century. Construction began in 1792 during the reign of Rama I. The most important building of the palace is the temple Wat Phra Kaew, which houses the Emerald Buddha. Carved out of jade in the fifteenth century and at only 45 inches high, it's the most valuable and revered treasure in Thailand. This visit will make you love Thailand!
Temples in Bangkok
Wat Pho (Temple of the Reclining Buddha)
Poor Buddha, though smiling, he must suffer from a lot of stress in such a tiny building. I was reminded of a giant Gulliver. Rama III ordered the construction of this impressive reclining 46 meter long Buddha, with a 15 meter head and 3'x5' feet. Located at just a 10 minute walk from the Royal Palace, I recommend a visit. Located in Wat Pho, the oldest and largest temple in Bangkok, with over a thousand images of Buddha from Lantiguas Ayutthaya and Sukhothai as its capital. The images near the Buddha's feet show him passing into nirvana. Inlaid with pearls and 108 prints depicting scenes from Buddha's life. For 20 baths (half a euro), they give you some money without any real value, so you can throw them into the metal bowls distributed along the back part. You have to parcel them out carefully because you'll only get the blessing if you throw money into each bowl.
Streets in Bangkok
Khao San Road
If you're backpacking and looking for cheap bars and restaurants and a royal guesthouse or somewhere to sleep in Bangkok, this is your place. It has a great atmosphere and there are many travellers looking for fun. You can travel here by boat from pier 13.
Of Cultural Interest in Bangkok
Wat Arun (Temple of the Dawn)
In Traimit Wat or Temple of the Golden Buddha we have a Buddha statue measuring 3 meters in height and weighing 5.5 tons. It is also made of pure gold. The Wat Arun or Temple of Dawn is in the district of Thon Buri. Its main part measures 79 meters high and in the nineteenth century it was decorated with porcelain. It represents Mount Meru. To get there we took a boat and then made the short walk to the pier for temple. Outdoor vendors were offering fried insects, which obviously tried. After a walk through the neighborhood to experience street life.
Rivers in Bangkok
Chao Phraya River
After traveling for what seems like an eternity, when you get to Bangkok you probably don't think that a boat is there waiting to take you to your hotel (better than some seedy cab, no doubt) ... What you would'nt expect is that it takes you on a two hour loop (not a cruise, I guess some people would call it that) around the Chao Phraya River. The closest houses to a river that I've ever seen aren't like the ones here .... I can tell you that the traffic on the river (which is fortunately very wide), is continuous, and people don't stop smiling. Before, they took us to another anchored barge and offered us a drink and some sort of fruit-like food that's hard to explain appearance and taste-wise. We returned to our boat ... We left ... That heat, the apparent dirtiness of the river ... But the river water doesn't smell bad surprisingly. That late afternoon, with the sound of our boat's motor and the sun's reflection in the water of this huge river ... All is calm. If you travel to Bankokg, don't hesitate to do the boat ride in the Chao Phraya river ...
Markets in Bangkok
Chatuchak Weekend Market
This is an impressive market because of its size and for its variety of products. Clothing, footwear, souvenirs, food, decorations, animals, toys, plants, etc.. All of this found in very well-ordered streets and sections. You will need the whole day if you want to get across the majority of this market. Just like Yola says, it's only on weekends. They use DHL transport service that will bring to your home whatever you want, so if you have a crush on a piece of furniture you can send it and believe me it is worth it many times over. The furniture is of good quality at a great price.
Of Touristic Interest in Bangkok
Tuk- Tuks
One of the most popular means of transport in the city are motorcycles with a side-car. They are cheaper than a taxi. If you do not want to spend money or if you get caught in a heavy monsoon rain, you can go wherever you want. Of course, bear in mind that they go like crazy, so if you get scared easily, do not take it. In short, it is a good alternative to get around the city and also is exciting ...
Of Cultural Interest in Bangkok
Golden Buddha (Wat Traimit)
Traimit Wat is the perfect place to observe the devotion of the Thai people towards Buddha. This temple, which has 3 different levels, has a solid gold Buddha sitiated on the top floor and is visited every day by hundreds of devotees offering their prayers and donations to the Buddha. Wat Traimit dates from S. XIII, and the Golden Buddha image is about 900 years old. It is originally from Ayutthaya. When the Burmese invaded the city, it was covered in plaster so they they could hide its value. Two centuries later, still in plaster, is was believed to be worth very little. In 1957, when the picture was being taken to a new temple in Bangkok, it fell from a crane and they found that the statue was made entirely of pure gold. This solid gold Buddha is the largest in the world and stands at 3 meters high and weighs 5 tons.
Neighborhoods in Bangkok
Bangkok China Town
Our visit happened to coincide with the preparation of the Chinese New Year. We had a great time, it's like a massive labyrinth full of shops and restaurants. It was one of the best experiences we had.
Temples in Bangkok
Wat Phra Kaew (Emerald Buddha Templ)
The Emerald Buddah Temple (Wat Phra Kaew in Thai) is the most important Buddhist temple in Thailand and is located within the compound of the Grand Palace in Bangkok in the historic center of the Thai capital. It is the home of the legendary (and singular in the world) Emerald Buddha, even though it is actually made of jade, and it is wearing clothes made of gold thread. It is a stunning space. The royal monastery Phra Si Ratana provides a dazzling view when the sun is reflected off its golden walls. The paintings that are protected by the interior walls tell the terrifying story of the formation of the region. While the guardians (those ve accompany me in the photo) protect the building from evil spirits. All of this is a monument to the wealth and power of the country's monarchs from the last two and a half centuries. I video I have posted shows the impressive scale copy of Angkor Wat in Cambodia that I found in one of the courtyards. The best way to get there, you ask? By taxi or, even more authentic, by tuk-tuk.
Temples in Bangkok
Wat Saket (Golden Mount)
The Buddhist temple is located on top of a hill. For tourists it offers double the experience: being in a major Buddhist temple and being able to breathe the feeling of peace yet, at the same time, be able to find spectacular views of the city. You can not forget to visit.
Shopping Malls in Bangkok
Siam Paragon
There are several areas in Bangkok that are full of huge shopping centers that bring together the world's leading brands and stores. One of the most important is the Siam area. There you will find centers like Siam Paragon and other, even more exclusive still that will delight shopaholics and also offer opulent dining options for tourists. Do not forget to visit, since they show the other side of Bangkok. Yes, the contrast that this makes with the old part of Bangkok is surprising.
Of Touristic Interest in Bangkok
BTS Skytrain
This is probably the most special way to view the city, it's a metro and functions as such, but it's always above the surface of the earth, and most of the time, it's high up in the air! It is very interesting to see the image of cars way down on the streets and a train overhead. And it works like a well-oiled machine; fast, punctual and not very expensive. Two things that attracted a lot of attention: almost all trains were painted with ads, as well as the strict upbringing of the Thai people waiting for a train. The ground is marked where the train doors will stop and they wait in line at the sides. When you see someone who doesn't seem to know where to stand in the line and therefore goes to the front, surely that person is a foreigner! I recommend it without a doubt!
Of Touristic Interest in Bangkok
Chao Phraya Express Boat
The ships or "express boat" of Bangkok that go along the Chao Phraya Mae Num river travel at considerable speed. They cost between 10 and 25 baht (€ 0.2-0.5) and are the best option for moving around areas near the river . One strange thing to mention is that they have an area reserved for monks, highly respected in Thailand.
Rivers in Bangkok
Gardens in Bangkok
Of Touristic Interest in Bangkok
Bangkok Metro
What surprises toursts most about the Bangkok Metro is its cleanliness. It is the little part of the city that looks new and freshly made. It is completely safe and highly recommended if you need it, because you will need it to go wherever you want to. It's not good to get to the old city, in the monumental, but for the shopping can be very useful.
Markets in Bangkok
Patpong Night Market
Between Suriwong and Silom streets, you'll find one of Bangkok's main tourist areas, with a market, bars, restaurants, hotels and nightclubs. Access can be a little difficult because of the traffic, but every taxi driver will know where to go as soon as you say the magic word: Patpong. The best way to get there, though, is to use the Skytrain and get off at Sala Daeng station. It's less than a five minutes' walk away. This district was created more or less overnight, as a recreational area for the US military staying there during the Vietnam War. It's become a real nightlife area, with plenty of bars but also a market where you can find high quality imitations of all the most popular brands on the market. Haggling is the order of the day here: don't hold back! A very interesting spot, well worth a visit.

The best things to do in Bangkok

With an area of over 1,500 square kilometers divided into 50 districts, it can be overwhelming researching what to do in Bangkok. The city houses hidden jewels in every corner!

For starters, the ancient Buddhist temples are undoubtedly some of the essential
things to see in Bangkok. The Grand Palace of Bangkok, one of the top
attractions in Bangkok, is a
huge complex that served as the official residence of the king until the mid-twentieth century. Another of the top Bangkok attractions is Wat Pho, also known as the Temple of the Reclining Buddha because of its 46 meter long, 15 meter tall Buddha.

The huge
Lumphini Park, the most famous and extensive in the city, is another of the top
places to visit in Bangkok. You can also see Bangkok from above using the famous Skytrain, two lines of cable cars that cross the modern area of ​​the city. This area is home to many of the best things to do in Bangkok including the city's largest shopping malls.

And if all the commotion doesn't bother you, venture into any of the many markets in the city like
Chatuchak market, possibly the world's largest flea market. To learn more about
stuff to do in Bangkok, browse among the experiences of minube users and discover all the best Bangkok activities.