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Things to do in Meknes-Tafilalet

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The top 249 attractions in Meknes-Tafilalet

Deserts in Merzouga
Merzouga Desert
One of the most fascinating experiences I've ever had was spending the night in the desert and, above all, seeing the amazing sunrise above the dunes and how the sun warmed the sand and its shapes and colors shifted every second. It's also amazing to go and see the sky so full of stars in absolute silence. What else do you need to be happy?
Deserts in Merzouga
Erg Chebbi
This is a majestic and imposing landmark destination in Morocco that adds value to any outdoor activity. There are trekking routes, and camel and Quad tours. They offer the ability to live like nomads and soak up the remaining ancient culture. Relaxing after a hard day between the dunes will be an unforgettable experience.
Cities in Mequínez
A little more than 65 km from Fez, is Meknes, the spiritual capital of Morocco. You can get there by train from Fez Station, which run every few minutes and the travel time is 45 min. The fare and change are about 4 €. You can go to the mosque , visit some of its mausoleums, the palace, walk around the market or go out and look for its souk, which is local and not with many tourists or enjoy a tasty burger made of camel in your place, you will see the sign with a camel face one of the butchers markets. It is exquisite, a bit spicy but very good and different. From there you can take a taxi (it should not be more than 20 to 25 € for a half day including Moulay Idriss Volubilis ) and go to Volubilis (an old Roman city, with one of the best preserved archaeological sites in the zone of ​​North Africa and a Heritage Site by Unesco, the entrance fee is 3 €. A little over 5 km away we can arrive to Mulay Idris, the holy city, and they say go 5 times to the tomb of Moulay Idris (founder of Fez and Meknes) which equals going on pilgrimage to the holy city of Mecca. Of course some guy approaches you to tell the history of the city.He will will tell stories that are interesting and you will go to the highlands to admire an incredible and mystical panoramic view. The price of this " excursion "is what each sees fit.
Ruins in Mequínez
Volubilis is a roman ruin, located a few kilometers from the imperial city of Meknes between Fez and Rabat. To get there, you can take a train to Meknes and then take a bus to Volubilis. The nearest town is Moulay Driss, and you can walk to the ruin. Alternatively, you could share the cost of a taxi with some other tourists. The ruins of this archaeological site are the most conserved of Morocco and were built in the third century BC, when the Roman Empire stretched across the Mediterranean Sea. It is now a protected UNESCO World Heritage Site. It was part of a colony that founded Cartagena, and in its heyday was a city managed by Mauritania. Later, Volubilis was destroyed by an earthquake but you can still see a great arch, well-preserved mosaics and the basilica. You can take guided tours alone or in a group, mostly in French, but there are multilingual guides at the entrance.
Of Touristic Interest in Merzouga
PSP Travel
Morocco, a country of contrasts: It was 8 days of marvelous holiday. I went in May and my partner decided to contact PSP TRAVEL and the truth that that it was the best experience. We started from Marrakech and passed through the Atlas to the desert of Merzouga and ended in the Todra Gorges. Amazing time, thanks to PSP Travel.
Deserts in Merzouga
Overnight Camel Trek with "" is an experience you will never forget and one which we hope will bring something unique to your adventure,Our desert tours offer traditional music and drumming,excellent cuisine and sleeping in the desert beneath a stunning canopy of stars in our tradicional nomadic camp!
Historical Monuments in Mequínez
Bab Al Mansour
This lovely green ceramic door is the most famous landmark and one of the entrances to the imperial city of Méknes. The gate was constructed between the 17th and 18th century by order of Moulay Ismail, and is the biggest gate in Morocco and across North Africa. It has 3 arches made of glossy ceramic with some artistic frameworks, but with the passage of time and the gases emitted by cars it is now losing its color. The marble columns are of Volubilis and its height is almost 20 meters. The entry can not be made through the front door, which is closed for conservation, but by the side doors. The door links the Plaza de Lalla Aouda with the neighborhood of Kalaa in the square where it is common to find "guides' who offer to show you around.
Villages in Erfoud
Tafilalet Oasis
I had no idea that in the palm down there in the village, there would be so much life, It is the only place in Morocco where you can do something similar in August without dying in the sun, at first it was a nice walk between palm trees, with slopes, but soon we came to a river and found peasants cultivating the fields, and a little further on there were donkeys moving more people, bathing and even washing clothes . This is a paradise beside the burning streets that are so desolate and await the return of job a little over their heads. I dared to photograph the people who were finding us, now I'm a little more blatant about that, as it was a bit like intruding into their lives without permission, in their workplaces and in their livelihoods and although we were always greeted with a smile not stopped, and maybe we were elements that contribute little to their lives, maybe just something to tell their families at night. "There were foreigners walking by the palms this evening I don´t know what they were looking for...nothing good for sure.¨
Cities in Ifrane
Ifrane is a Moroccan city resembling Switzerland. It's best to come when the weather is cold and have a good bowl of Harira (Moroccan soup) in its student-filled cafes. But, please, try to avoid skiers restaurants. Bitterly cold with a cold climate and environment.
Villages in Khamlia
On our first day in the desert, we went to this tiny town where people live from sub-Saharan origin. In one of the houses in the village, we watched Berber dances while having a terrific moruno. It is a way to help the common people to make some extra money.
Deserts in Merzouga
We were in this country for a little over a week, and we knew for sure that we wanted to go to the desert. We left it right til the end and we only had 3 days to go there and back in order to catch the plane in time. We were delighted with the trip and when we got to the desert it was even more incredible than we expected, it is a magical place, the landscapes are stunning and super friendly people. We were in Ouala in a family home, they welcomed us very well, and they took us on the camels to the shops in the desert, we had dinner in the desert, it was a unique experience, it was a shame to leave so soon .
Historical Monuments in Mequínez
Citadels in Mequínez
Meknes Medina
Meknes is a place not too visited by tourists, but it is fascinating, magical and recommended. The streets of the medina, with its stalls grouped by guilds, are wonderful, you can find everything from spices and food to furs and shoes, and the architecture gives the place a very Arabic feel. As in most Muslim enclaves, many life begins when the sun leaves, with a fascinating world full of experiences, people, sounds, smells and adventures
Unusual Places in Merzouga
Berber Tent Camping
I couldn't believe it! Riding on camel back along the towering dunes with a Tuareg man carrying a bag of food (given to him by our guide) to offer to the family of nomads we were going to stay with ... it was one of the best nights of my life. After three hours on the camel, we found a family who welcomed us. They were hidden in a Bedouin tent, a mother, father, and three children who looked at us like we were Martians. Night fell, and we ate dinner with our hands with virtually no light to see by. Then we set out our bags to go to sleep under the stars. I'd never seen so many shooting stars! The beauty of the night sky kept us from sleeping - I wanted the night to last forever, but in the end we fell asleep from exhaustion. Luckily, we had set our phone alarms to wake us in time to enjoy the sunrise, one of the most beautiful of our lives.
Nature Reserves in Ifrane
Villages in Ar Rashidiyah
Hassi Labied
This is a small village of adobe houses situated in the southeast of Morocco, against a backdrop of the stunning dunes of Erg Chebbi, the gateway to the Sahara Desert. During the 1950s, during the drought, a group of ancient Amazigh nomadic families (descendants of the Bedouin people) left behind the hard life of the desert and settled next to a black hole, which gave this place its name. There is a small portion of land which is irrigated with a water piping system that comes from the depths of the desert.
Train Stations in Mequínez
The Amir Abdel Kader in Mequínez Railway Station
Train Station The Adbelkader Amir is situated in the heart of the new city of Meknes, although not very well marked, the experience of taking the train is very civilized. The price is fair, for example about 8 Euros (second class) from Meknes to Tangier. The train is timely but it could do with a clean hand and a few air conditioners in second class. The train goes through fields around central Morocco. It stops when it arrives to Assilah, where the path merges with the Atlantic.
Historical Monuments in Ifrane
The Lion of Ifrane
Ifrane is a unique little town in Morocco. It is clean, quiet and full of green spaces. The most famous legend revolves around the implementation of the lion in Ifrane. In fact it is, without a doubt and it is attributed to an inmate or a legionnaire. The elderly members of Ifrane answer this question quite simply, since he was a prisoner of war. Finally, others argue that the sculptor was a legionary.