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Things to do in Bali

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The top 215 attractions in Bali

Temples in Pura Luhur
Uluwatu Temple
This temple is special because it is inhabited by hundreds of monkeys. The monkeys take advantage of visitors´ neglect to steal cameras, sunglasses, bags or anything that catches their eye. At a specific time in the afternoon you can attend the Kecak dance, or fire dance, where actors tell an ancient story through dance and fire. I suggest attending, it is good fun.
Historical Monuments in Tanah Lot
Tanah Lot Temple
Although most sunsets are spectacular on the island of Bali, the sunset at Tanah Lot Temple stands out more than any other, perhaps because of its location and the fact that temple becomes backlit. This temple was built by the Dutch and only natives are allowed inside. Depending on the tide, it's completely surrounded by the sea. Although Bali has become increasingly "invaded" by tourism, there are places have not yet lost their charm, and this is one of them.
Forests in Ubud
Ubud Monkey Forest
It's great, but if you're not careful, they'll snatch anything from your hat to your glasses, then trade them back to you for bananas or nuts! These incredible monkeys really are accustomed to humans.
Of Cultural Interest in Tabanan
Rice Paddies in Bali
This is one of the most typical Bali's landscapes with rice being the most widespread crop on the island, and it's also one of the major tourist attractions. You can find the rice fields in any area and they are arranged in terraces that bind to each other creating spectacular landscapes. Another common sight is to see the locals collecting the rice.
Islands in Nusa Lembongan
Nusa Lembogan
Lembogan is a small island that can be found in the southwest of Bali. Most of its inhabitants are dedicated to the cultivation of algae. We spent a day there and remember above all the friendliness of the people, their smile and the good vibes flowing in that part of the world. I have some photographs and it is worth taking the break from Bali.
Beaches in Kuta
Kuta Beach
Kuta beach is located on southwest of Bali Island, Indonesia, and boasts the best sunsets in the world. It's one of the best things to see on the islands and is VERY romantic. There are also many seafood restaurants along the beach only a 15 minute taxi ride from Nusa Dua. We recommend finding out the exact time the sun sets and getting there half an hour early to make sure you get a good seat.
Temples in Tampaksiring
Templo Pura Tirta Empul
The name "Tirta Empul" means crystal-clear stream that is used as if it were "holy water" for ceremonial purification. Legend has it that the Hindu god Indra gave these waters acquire miraculous properties as he used them to achieve immortality. This spring is inside the Temple of Tirta Empul, and has been used since the 10th century (more than a millennium) and the people of Bali have a tradition of coming here. The water comes up through 12 different springs and there is a specific ritual to follow: first, build the offerings, and then enter the pond and immerse yourself. Inside, the temple is a haven of peace and tranquility, and every stone of this ancient sacred temple is covered with moss growing due to the humidity. The silence is only broken by the sound of holy water that flowing out of the twelve springs and the bathing of the pilgrims ve believe the sacred waters will bring health and prosperity. Sometimes, the locals even bottle the holy water to bring to relatives ve are incapable of reaching the springs but need the "miracle water."
Beaches in Jimbaran
Jimbaran Beach
This is a beach paradise with amazing waves and kilometres of white sand. We ate delicious seafood, as the sun began to set creating impressive light, reflections and shadows. I could not resist such charm, so I started taking pictures with my camera and this is the result. It was a wonderful day and the beach was an idyllic place which I will never forget.
Temples in Bedugul
Ulun Danu Temple
I knew that when it came time to write this I would have a clash of feelings. Before going to Bali, many years earlier, the image of the had summarized the vision of this temple floating on the waters of Lake Bratan. An image among rural areas, fueled by travel guides that were obsolete and expired. When I got there, a mini amusement park shook my memory. 1st, a high mountain architecture as if it were in Switzerland, governs and pervades the perimeter of the lake, a parking lot that was so organized which forces you to go through all the souvenir shops and other things , after paying a fee to enter the site by a landscaped garden and attention to detail. On the docks of Lake there are many businesses: parachute with motor rental, water skiing, boating and walking guides. And finally the temple, restored to satiety, embellished oriental to taste that attracts Westerners, but without the sepia tone. I'm here to keep that image in mind and perceive the current, which showed me a 17th century temple, no more old, who until recently was the exclusive property of reeds and lake perch, but changed his photogenic life. Not least deserves Danu, the goddess of the lake, not Buddha, which has a small stupa with several images of him oriented to the cardinal points. The image, I admit, remains unforgettable, keeps a little bit of magic, a silver lining which remains at the bottom of my memories. Try to merge the two without removing any. Time passes and the images of today will become sepia ...
Of Cultural Interest in Ubud
Barong Dance
The Barong Dance is one of Bali's main cultural attractions. It's done within an outdoor arena of bleachers for spectators and the musicians sit on both sides with their Indonesian musical instruments. In the center, the legend of Ramayana, the struggle between good and evil, is depicted. The Barong is a mythological creature half-lion and half-dragon which represents the Good fighting Rangda, a witch representing Evil. Though it can get a bit hot and humid in the morning, it is price for enjoying this Balinese tradition and seeing some of their legends and culture.
Of Cultural Interest in Denpasar
Pura Goa Lawah
And then the serpent. Because according to legend, in the depths of the great mountain, the darkest of the grotto, lives a giant snake, Basuki, a spirit that feeds on bats hanging from walls and ceilings. The snake was not able to see, but the thousands of bats that literally filled the cavern walls did see us. And the faithful who at the time held a church service in this temple that much with more than a thousand years old and is essential in Balinese life for its important role in the rituals associated with life and death. The heart of the complex, no doubt, is the cave that juts over thirty kilometers into the mountain to reach nothing other than Besakih, the largest complex of temples of Bali. Although this temple has a special charm, one which seems to emanate from the mountain, with its tall, elegant meru towers and colorful nature. In this area of ​​the island, starting the path to the west, less trite and touristic, people seem to live at a different pace. If in Bali in general you find tranquility and kindness, as we approached the west of the island we noticed that this land was defined by its population of people who were tranquil, quiet, and patient, even with people who were clearly outsiders to the area and to the culture.
Of Touristic Interest in Tabanan
Jatiluwih Rice Terraces
One place you can not miss on your visit to Bali, is the rice terraces. Across the island, we can see how the Balinese cultivate rice on terraces or balconies that go downhill, forming a green carpet in contrast with the blue of the sky. Over a thousand years ago the Balinese used this method to make terraces to plant their rice, and these terraces are called the steps that lead to the gods, since rice is very important part of liffe and religious traditions. Planting rice is followed by a ritual and there is also a special day to plant seedlings, and harvest. This ritual is offered to the gods to protect the harvest. Throughout the year, in Bali you can see these terraces, and there is no specific time because they usually get 2 or 3 crops of rice.The most important and also the most visited by tourists who come to the island, are the terraces of Jatiluwh, The terraces are located 1 hour from Denpasar, since the distance is about 50 km and are located in North Tabanan city about 700 meters above sea level. The word comes from Jati Jatiluwih and Luwih, Jati mean really and Luwih means special .. And it is absolutely true that as its name .. really special or beautiful
Volcanoes in Kintamani
Temples in Rendang
Pura Besakih
Pura Besakih, is a temple complex on the slopes of the Mount Agung volcano. The people of Bali call it "The Mother Temple." In 1963, the volcano erupted, killing more than 1,700 people. Lava was just metres from the temple, and the Balinese people thought it was a sign from God, that the temple was too precious and important, and so it was saved. Getting up to the temple is not easy, especially when the island is so humid and hot too. The sight you see when you reach the top is well worth it. Right on the slope, you'll find young people on motorcycles, offering you a ride up.....Upon payment, of course. The temple was built by the original inhabitants of Bali, called the Besukian Naga (Dragon God), becoming the main temple of the nearly 2000 there are on the island. Every year there are many religious ceremonies, but the most important is the "Betara Turun Kabeh", according to the Balinese this is when all the gods descend to earth.
Beaches in Singaraja
Lovina is located in the north of the island of Bali. It's a wonderful place to scuba dive, or see the dolphins. The people are very charming. On the sea shore you can see these little fisherman's houses, where each inhabitant will gladly invite you in for a small fee, where you can see the dolphins very early in the morning before the sun has risen. In the afternoon, the sea water merges with the sky. I sat on the black sand beach, and watched the sunset, it made us dream, and took us into a different world. You can't hear a thing, only the faint noise of geckos and other animals.
Temples in Klungkung
Pura Taman Ayun
Bali is perhaps the site of the world that has the most temples, and, as well as the huge temples that are known, there are also the wealthy families who build temples in their homes for their own private uses. One of the most famous and beautiful temples is the Temple of Taman Ayun, dating from the early 1600s. This temple was built by the Mengwi royal family, and the most remarkable thing about it are its gardens, and its twenty-nine Meru shrine towers. In one of its towers (which is at the entrance) you can go up and see a wooden bell as well as stunning views of the gardens and moats filled with water coming from a nearby river. The Meru towers are accessible by a long corridor that surrounds the entirety of the building.
Lakes in Ubud
Lake Batur
You find Lake Batur on the road north from Ubud. This immense body of water at the foot of the Gunung Batur volcano is a rather important attraction in the area where you can do all kinds of outdoor activities: climbing, hiking, mountain biking, and water sports in the lake. The view of the mountain is beautiful, but sometimes it can get a bit foggy. But, even if you're there on a gray and foggy day, the panorama is worth it. I was lucky that day and it was clear out. To get there, you can rent a motorcycle in Denpasar. The road to the lake and the volcano is lovely, and has many rice fields, temples, etc..
Historical Monuments in Ubud
Gunung Kawi
The Gunung Kawi is a temple which is about an hour from Ubud by motorbike, with nine monuments carved into the mountain rock. It's set in a dreamy enclave, surrounded by rice paddies, rivers, and lush vegetation.