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Things to do in Queensland

523 contributors

The top 187 attractions in Queensland

Cities in Brisbane
The state capital of Queensland is a nice city. It's a compromise between a large city and small town, but has a great quality of life. There are many gardens, parks, and river where you can get about by public transport and it even has an artificial beach. A great place to spend a few days during a trip to Australia with an excellent climate.
Islands in Hervey Bay
Fraser Island
Fraser island is the largest sand island in the world and is just 45 minutes by ferry away from Hervey Bay.. It's 124 kilometers long and has an area of ​​163,000 hectares. There is a 35 kilometer-long beach that most use as a sort of highway to get to the various point of interest around the island. All vehicles on the island are 4-wheel drive so they can get through the thick vegetation at the island, There are trees over 200 years old and 40 meters high, freshwater lakes, a great diversity of birds (230 different species), and wild dingoes. The ferry from the coast to the island with the day tour costs $99 per person, which seems a little steep, but it's worth it. Go!
Beaches in Whitsunday Islands
Whitehaven Beach
Two hours on a boat from Airlie Beach plus two hours to enjoy the best beach one day equals one incredible day. Why is Whitehaven Beach considered the best beach on Earth? Well, the photos speak for themselves. The sand is find and white (it's almost like flour), the waters are amazingly clean and blue, and the simple lack of tourists all come together to make Whitehaven the top beach in the world. You can also get there on a small plane (though it's expensive). The only downside is that you can't spend more than a few hours there since it's a protected place. So, the "I'm going to spend the morning on the beach" plan won't exactly work at Whitehaven Beach. The only downside is that you'll spend the whole time wishing for more time.
Cities in Cairns
Cairns is the city I went to in the northeast of Australia to go diving at the Great Barrier Reef. The city people call it a type of coastline, or Calafell Playa de Aro on the Costa Brava. There were a lot of tiny shops, many for boats or submarines, and lots of restaurants on the beach . What I have said a little Playa de Aro. It was the month of March, which is a very hot time in Spain, and Cairns is in a sub-tropical climate, so you can have an idea . For recreation, there is a big public pool in the middle of the city, in fact in the middle of the street. Do not go to the beaches, because they cost money, but not just on the beach. The restaurant is right by the beach and if you start to eat dinner before 17:30 there is a 25% discount (remember there typical dinner is at 18h-19h), so me and Maya and ate oysters and tried crocodile meat, ostrich and Kangaroo .. Here there is a zoo in the upper floor of a hotel, where you can also hug Koalas and take pictures with them (for a fee, of course), which in Sydney you can not do. A curiosity is that at the sea, which is no beach, there are signs of "Careful for saltwater crocodiles, don´t go in¨.
Islands in Mackay
Whitsundays Islands
I do not think I will be able to explain the beauty of this natural wonder, one could only understand it being painted on a canvas as my mental capacity could not do justice to such pristine beaches, lush forests, exotic palm trees, fun colourful birds, seemingly frightful fish, the smell of the vegetation and the moisture. Nature reached out to the five senses. The sensation of navigating to seemingly unspoiled beaches in Australia, blinding ourselves with beautiful sunsets while your head is teeming with animal sounds from all over. A unique and unrepeatable experience.
Beaches in Surfers Paradise
Surfers Paradise
Surfers Paradise is one of the beaches of the Gold Coast. I recommend it for its long beach, waves for surfing, its glass skyscrapers on the beach and for the life that is found all along the small streets once night begins to arise. We also may come across some lifeguards. Further inland we find a number of channels through which small boats sail along small house with private piers along these channels. It is worth a visit to this area of ​​the Gold Coast.
Ruins in Fraser Island
S.S. Maheno, shipwrecked Boat on Fraser Island
Believe it or not, this boat, stranded on an island off the east coast of Australia, is considered the country's last archaeological remains. It's a WWII Japanese ship that was stranded in one of the most amazing places I have ever been. Phrase Island is perfect for getting lost. There is no civilization, no roads, only huge dreamlike beaches, jungle, desert and clear lakes. When we got to the boat was when we realized that we were in a unique place to just relax and enjoy.
Beaches in Cape Tribulation
Cape Tribulation Beach
In the northern part of the Daintree forest (north Queensland), we find virtually uninhabited beaches and unparalleled splendor. Cape Tribulation Beach is one of them: although it is found on the maps, this place is not a city (you can find small inns or small shops, mostly) and off-road must venture into the jungle to reach the coast surrounded that is surrounded by hills. Unfortunately this lovely serene placed has been interrupted by the garbage left behind by tourists, that come with little regard for animal and plant species abundant in the place (frogs, fish, bats, lizards, cassowaries, pelicans ...).
Islands in Townsville
Magnetic Island Eco Tour
When I went to Magnetic Island, as well as enjoyed its lovely beaches and landscapes, I took an eco tour, in which a native of the island guide explained everything about the flora and fauna, that being in the Coral Sea (Great Barrier Reef), in the State of Queensland, Australia, has special characteristics that are difficult to find elsewhere. The tour is a full day, and in it you travel by van to various parts of the island: beaches and forests where they explain the peculiarities, species of trees, plants and animals that live there. For example: you can see a nest of carnivorous ants, which use a special glue to construct their nest. They also teach you to differentiate the ferns that grow there or typical tree species. Lastly they take you to a kind of seaside cliff where wild wallabies (small kangaroos) are there which you can feed with your hands. Usually when it is dark because they are nocturnal animals.
Zoos in Brisbane
Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary
A few km from the center of Brisbane (you can go by boat from the city) is the koala zoo, the oldest in Australia (founded in 1927). For $30, you can see koalas up close, and even feed them, see all kinds of native reptiles and see how a dog can control a flock of sheep, .... It was well worth the entrance fee to see the Koala Sanctuary.
Sports-Related in Cairns
Diving in Cairns
I thought Jacques Cousteau had secret places where he could enjoy this unusual landscapes, colorful and full of strange life forms. One day I discovered that it was possible to travel with little money, with a little money to travel, but an experience difficult to explain and share with my acquaintances. Now with the Canon D10 I don't speak anymore. I send my link to the pictures and they talk about those places. I was able to capture those magical moments and faraway places that are difficult to repeat and explain, being both a fan of diving and photography.
Of Touristic Interest in Cairns
Kangaroos in Australia
The kangaroo is one of the most famous animals of Australia. Normally, unless you go to rural areas of this vast country, they are not easily seen living in the wild. The fastest way to be around them and take photos are the zoos (or nature reserves that provide this service), almost all medium-large cities in Australia have one. There are often wallabies mixed with the kangaroos in zoos, these are very similar, but smaller and docile. Kangaroos are nocturnal creatures of habit, and if you want to see them outdoors you have to leave at dusk or night because they are that time of day you go out to find food. You must be careful with them, as they generally are shy and flee when they feel in danger, but if they are threatened they may react violently. The population of kangaroos in Australia is so large that hunting is allowed (in a controlled way), to contribute to the maintenance of the balance of the ecosystem of the country.
Zoos in Cairns
Cairns Tropical Zoo
The Cairns Zoo offers a great opportunity to interact with Australian wildlife (and the occasional bug that is not native to the land). The star attraction is the chance to cuddle with a koala, something that delights children as well as adults. It also has a magnificent terrarium with some very interesting reptile species. The other major attraction of the Zoo are the Red Pandas. They are not marsupials, they are an Asian species, but hey, it is one of the friendliest mammals that I have seen and worth the visit. By the way, the Red Panda is also known as Firefox and the internet browser is named in honor of this animal. :-)
Rainforest in Daintree
Daintree River
The Daintree river, which flows into the middle of the forest of the same name, is a wonderful place. Here you can fish the famous barramundi (the fish that live in the tropical north of Australia, in both fresh and saltwater), and even observe crocodiles in their natural habitat. The forest is a wonder, with shelters, hostels, and holiday centres, as well as nature for everyone - giant bats, huge iguanas, snakes, frogs, and even 15cm butterflies!
Sports-Related in Cairns
Diving in the Great Barrier Reef
Diving in the Great Barrier Reef (Great Barrier Reef), is an experience you will not forget. It is the largest coral reef in the world (about 2000 kilometers), and a true wonder of nature, and was declared a World Heritage Site in 1981. Located on the coast of Australia, specifically in the state of Queensland, the country's northwest. I dove a couple of times in Cairns, one of the most important cities in northern Australia, and it is one of the favorite destinations for scuba divers or fans of snorkelling. They can get your divers license (PADI) or, if you already have it you can hire an excursion dives. Normally the boat with divers sales early and you spend the day at sea, doing a dive or two. There are tours that take you to the paradise islands that are lost off the coast of Australia, in others they simply take you on the boat to a site especially suitable for diving. You can also do it in other cities such as Townsville or the Whitsundays islands. If you don't have a license PADI you can dive with a mask and snorkel, in many places you can see the coral and fish around with just submerging your head. Australians are so proud of the Great Barrier Reef which they say is the "largest living animal in the world" though this is not exactly true, It consists of hundreds of colorful corals and fish that grow only in those waters. This is an amazing site to be able to see, with a guided tour or even snorkeling by yourself, if you can you should take the time to enjoy it and see it.
Beaches in Hervey Bay
Flying Over Fraser Island
The tour offers you the opportunity to hop on a plane for about 20 minutes and to fly over the island for about $70. I did not fesitate for a second and it paid off. Well, it was worth it. I think that was what I liked most was the tour of the island, and that I loved the return. Seeing the island as a whole from the air was very special. Viewing the straight 10O kilometers long beach was awesome. I highly recommend this trip if you go to the island.
Islands in Townsville
Magnetic Island
Magnetic Island is one of my favorite corners of Australia. It is a small island off the east coast of the country, opposite the city of Townsville, Queensland. It is a privilege to visit Magnetic Island. For the experienced backpacker it is a haven of peace where you can relax and enjoy the spectacular beach. The fauna and flora of Magnetic Island are very interesting and there are some species that can only be found on this island, if you are lucky you can even see wild koalas, iguanas, wallabies and parrots in the woods. Moreover, most of the island's territory is occupied by the Magnetic Island National Park. To reach Magnetic, you have to go to Townsville first and then take a ferry to the island. The trip takes just under half an hour and boats leave Townsville for the island frequently. To stay on the island is not a problem as there are several hostels for backpackers as well as hotels. To get around the island a minibus covers all the main points of the main hostels and beaches.
Nature Reserves in Cape Tribulation
Cape Tribulation
Located 150 kilometers north of the city of Cairns, in northern Queensland state, this place belongs to the Wet Tropics of Queensland World Heritage Site since 1998. It is a very special place, because the so-called "rainforest" meets the Great Barrier Reef, both declared by UNESCO World Heritage Site, as Australians say, "Where rainforest meets reef ". The forests in this area have plants and trees dating back more than a century and venturing into the jungle to see flora and fauna in its purest form is truly impressive. There are several signposted walking tours around Cape Tribulation. I recomment you get to Cape Tribulation Lookout, a viewpoint where you see the vastness of the place and its beach. You can hire day trips from Cairns to Cape Tribulation, or if you have time, you can stay there a few days and even enjoy a little dive in the area. My experience was the day trip from Cairns. This is particularly worthwhile if you like the lush vegetation of the rainforest. Note that from Cairns to Sydne the landscape is not the same.