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Hiking in Northern Territory

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6 hiking in Northern Territory

Hiking in Alice Springs
The Canyon Walk
Without doubt, the best of the walks in Kings Canyon is running along the top of the canyon. Firstly, because it allows, from its height, you to appreciate the true dimensions of the canyon walls. There are stunning views of the canyon wall, which appears to have been cut with a knife. The second reason is that, at the end of the tour, you reach the wonderful waterfall and, if you are adventurous enough, take a dip in its waters. The area around the waterfall is known as the Garden Of Eden and it is a real oasis in the Australian Red Desert. The circular route is 6 miles in total. As the terrain is quite rocky, bring appropriate footwear. The desert heat doesn't help the task. By the way, you can also see some lizards (quite impressive) and some other most strange birds. NOTE: Thanks to Gonzalo (arcadefire) we know that the birds in question are "feathered doves" (Geophaps plumifera): Http :/ / www.Gurujota.Com/RTW/campo/aves/aves3 . Html
Hiking in Yulara
Uluru Base Walk
There are several hiking options in Uluru but the most interesting, and also the longest, is the 10km path around the rock, well-maintained with signs marking the holy places where photography is forbidden. You can see all sorts of interesting things along the way: paintings, holes, caves, furrows that look like they were made by human hands, sacred places, and more.
Hiking in Alice Springs
Kings Creek Walk
This is the easiest path in Kings Canyon, you can walk it in less than an hour and it is suitable for people with disabilities. It runs along Kings Creek, the creek that gives name to Kings Canyon. The route is very well explained, with lots of information on the flora, fauna and information about the significance of the park for Aboriginal Australians. Halfway, there are very interesting rock formations, which I think are the most picturesque things in Kings Canyon. At the end of the tour there is a viewpoint where you can admire the canyon from its bottom. It's amazing to be there, especially late in the afternoon, when the only company you have is the silence of the desert ...... well, that and the Australian flies, who almost deserve a separate chapter. At first it's funny to see people walking through the desert with a mosquito net over their head, but you soon understand what it's all about. Flies are simply tireless and extremely uncomfortable. You can spend hours trying to scare the same fly over and over again and it will continue looking for ways to get into your ears, mouth and eyes.
Hiking in Alice Springs
MacDonnell Ranges
East of Alice Springs, there is a route that is part paved and part road (suitable only for 4x4s) which runs through this mountain. If you take the 4x4 route it is around 300 km but as I only had a normal car and it was rainy season, I had to take the paved path, about 50 km longer. On the asphalt road, you can see Emily Gap, Jessie Gap and Corroboree Rock, a sacred rock.
Hiking in Alice Springs
Ghost Gum Walk
When we visited the Ormiston Gorge, we had the option of doing a several hour hike. It's a circular route, but you might have to swim if the river is high. Since I didn't feel like swimming, I went out the same way I came in (if I had crossed the river, the only difference would be that the path was on the other bank). The first thing we found (about 20 minutes from the start) was a viewpoint of the gorge. It's worth stopping there for a few minutes to rest because it's the highest point of the tour and you can admire the gorge from there. From there, the road runs parallel to the river.
Hiking in Yulara
Mala Walk
There are two possible options when you reach the magical Uluru. You can climb to the top, but doing so is not well received by the indigenous peoples, who consider it an act of sacrilege. Alternatively, you can go for a long walk along the Mala Walk, a route which stretches for a few kilometres. You can go quickly in an hour, but you may want to stop and take photographs. Also, along the way, there are many places where you can appreciate the art of the Anangu Aboriginal rock. The Mala Walk ends before Kantju Throat, a deep crack on Uluru. The whole area is considered sacred to the Aborigines, so it is essential to show respect. Don't miss the magic of sunset over Uluru, when the sacred mountain literally changes colour, like a fluorescent bulb. Entrance to the park costs 25 Australian dollars and provides access to the site for 3 days. Possibly the best time to visit is during the austral winter, very cold at night, but pleasant during the day.