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Restaurants in Egypt

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63 places to eat in Egypt

Restaurants in Dahab
Sakkara is an open-air restaurant at the end of the Dahab pier. It's a quiet place where that gives you a different perspective of the town's coastline. You can't hear music from the other bars. They play soft music here, a blend of Eastern and Western hits. They serve a variety of food, many of which are vegetarian lentil and chickpea based, and are very tasty thanks to herbs. Depending on the daily fishing, they have different seafood, shrimp in sauce and rice, and grilled or fried fish. The seafood dishes are more expensive, about 10 euros, while the vegetarian ones are no more than 5 euros. It is more informal than other restaurants on the coast. You eat sitting on the floor, Bedouin style. It's more of a backpacker atmosphere, and families with children.
Restaurants in Dahab
Shark's in the middle of the town of Dahab, it is a great restaurant with an indoor room and a panoramic terrace with views of the sea. It also has an open living room facing the sea, Bedouin-style armchairs and low tables. It is open daily from 5 in the afternoon. There are stuffed pastries specialties, a bit like a calzone pizza with chicken, beef, feta and spinach, tuna and cheese ... They come with gravy and potatoes, and they are delicious. Then there is pizza, seafood, and Egyptian dishes like shawarmas and kebabs, roast or mixed. It is a happy place where the music is loud, but sometimes it was hard to converse because of the music´s volume! But you all end up dancing and you have a good time.
Restaurants in Dahab
Oum Kalsoum
This bar-restaurant is named after the famous Egyptian singer Oum Kalsoum. Since it's off the main street of Dahab, it's full of mainly Egyptians, as tourists usually prefer to go to bars near the oceanfront. If you want a more authentic experience, this is your chance! if there's a soccer match, they bring all the chairs out onto the street and it's a pretty exciting atmosphere! It's cheaper than the places on the coast as well.
Restaurants in Dahab
Al Capone
Al Capone is a good seafood restaurant next to the little Dahab bridge. Overlooking the sea, it has a very nice outdoor siting room. The fish plates vary with the catch of the day, but there's always shrimp and a whole roasted fish. It costs about 10 euros/person, and up to 15 if it's a rare fish. Sometimes there is lobster. There is also an interior room if it's cold. The place is perfect for a snack while enjoying the sunset. Some nights they have a DJ.
Restaurants in Dahab
Aladdin Resturant
Aladdin is a famous restaurant in Dahab, near the small bridge on the pier. It has an indoor room and an open sitting room across from the pedestrian promenade overlooking the sea. In front, there's always a guy who asks you where you're from and tries to convince you to go eat at his restaurant. The food is alright, nothing special. In Dahab, eating out is expensive. The dishes are 10 euros, plus a first and a dessert, with tea to finish, making it 20 euros, a European price in an Egyptian fishing village. They serve Italian, daily seafood, and also roasts, plus Egyptian dishes. Breakfast begins at eight o'clock until noon. There are traditional and continental options. They have good fresh juices. It offers WiFi.
Restaurants in Dahab
El Mundo
In front of El Mundo, there is a boy who spends the night looking for customers to bring to his restaurant. I usually can't stand that, but he struck me as a good kid and I decided to eat there. I was a little sick in the stomach, and he gave me a very bitter and strong herbal tea which tastes horrible, but the next day I felt a lot better. The menu is covers Egyptian and international dishes. The inside room is not nice, so the best bet is the outdoor lounge. While most restaurant make you sit on a cushion and eat on low tables, this place really has tables and chairs. Oceanfront tables fill up quickly around sunset. The full dinner menu is about 15 euros / person if you want meat or seafood, and a little less if you go for the vegetarian options.
Culinary Interest in Cairo
El Abd Pastry
This is an Egyptian pastry shop that is located in the city centere (close to the Egyptian Museum), which offers a wide range of butter cookies that have different fillings, in addition to many other cakes and sweets. The cookies are nothing short of sublime, and the price is low. Be prepared to queue, as it's always full. The biscuits are sold on trays, and you can mix and match.
Cafés in Cairo
The Excelsior is a cafe restaurant in Talaat Harb Street, the busiest street in Downtown Cairo. It is a charming little place, the perfect spot to hang out after taking a walk around the area. You can really soak up the atmosphere, as the shops stay open until at least midnight. The Excelsior has several assortments of coffees and teas, and sahlab which is a hot milk with dried fruit inside, almonds, raisins, dates ... I liked it, but I couldn't have it every day! They also offer simple snacks like sandwiches. All very cheap, 50c drinks, meals between 2 and 3 euros. The clientele is mostly male.
Cafés in Cairo
This is a cafe in the Mustafa Kamal area, which is set in a beautiful old building. Once you enter, there is a lot of smoke, and you'll quickly realise that there are only men here: well, maybe there are some women on the terrace, but only accompanied by their husband or brother. Inside, you can smoke shisha and have an Egyptian coffee. People come here to eat breakfast from 11am, and it's still open until 2 or 3 in the morning. There's a small terrace outside.
Restaurants in Cairo
Sphinx Sun 2
The restaurant Sphinx Sun 2 is at the side of the secondary entrance to the Giza pyramids, alongside the Sphinx. It is a buffet restaurant, and for 5 euro a head, you can enjoy a selection of Egyptian dishes. For vegetarians there are many options, lentils, chickpeas, pasta ... and falafel, of course. There aren't so many meat dishes, generally chunks of meat in sauce. Good fruit and pastries for dessert. Nothing fancy, but a place that is not very expensive and is right next to the pyramids.
Restaurants in Giza
Restaurant Nirvana
This is an Outdoor restaurant with gazebos, perfect for groups and couples. We went with a group of 5, and we ordered samosas, hummus, salads ... and a main course each. After many drinks, teas and shisha, all for about 13 € per person. The service was not the best, but otherwise we recommend it. Tip: try to take Egyptian currency to pay in euros because they give you change that comes up short.
Restaurants in Hurghada
Hard Rock Cafe Hurghada
Funny and strange passing through the door of Hard Rock Café Hurghada, where the contrast with the outside world is important. I thought I had returned to France, at least in Europe ... Oh, good beer from our country on the counter ... What happiness after a week of immersion in the local culinary customs! We didn't try the food, so I can't give an opinion. However, other tourists who did seemed to appreciate it. Rates normal. English spoken.
Restaurants in Cairo
SEHS Restauran
The Snack Sahas is on Saleh Salem Street, the main street that circles the historic district of Cairo. It's close to the 7th-century Ibn El As Mosque. It is a popular place where you can eat shawarmas, various kinds of sandwiches, and a large selection of vegetarian dishes like falafel, hummus, potato and tomato salad, and roasted eggplant. There's a wide variety of dishes and they serve them almost like tapas. You can also go eat in the room upstairs where there is a good view of the neighborhood. A full lunch with drinks is very cheap and goes for around 3 or 4 euros per person. If you do not know what to order, ask them to bring you a selection of dishes with pita bread. They do not speak English well understand gestures well enough.
Restaurants in Cairo
Nile Pharaohs Cruising Restaurant
In the Nile, under the Four Seasons Hotel, a small pier with themed tourist boats in ancient Egypt is what you will find. You can embark on a trip and eat a delicious buffet with entertainment while you sail down the river. The food is adapted to Western tastes, a variety of delicious breads, salads, vegetables, meat and fish that were delicious!. You can eat while you watch a a belly dancer. Coffee is best taken on the deck looking towards the modern buildings spread along the banks of the river.
Restaurants in Luxor
Cafés in Cairo
Restaurants in Cairo
Coffee Shops in Luxor